White with Black Stripe (2015)


During the 1980s, the shoe factory in Võru produced a model of suede sports shoes that attained legendary status among young people. Although the design and quality were questionable, the popularity of the shoes was guaranteed by their similarity to western sports shoes. During the 90s, the market was flooded with genuine western counterparts and the shoes lost their status. In light of the retro enthusiasm in vogue around the world these shoes are starting to look cool again.

Marge Monko has recently been interested in the architecture of shopping windows. What are the forms and objects that create in us a consumer desire and communicate the idea of exclusiveness? White With Black Stripe brings a legendary product to the windows of Võru’s department store and creates a parallel with the commercials of contemporary western products. Adidas football boots manufactured with the help of computers dramatically change your game. Converse All-Stars, originally meant for playing basketball, have been rebranded as trendy leisure shoes. How could these shoes, formerly made in Võru, change you for the better?

Siim Preiman