High Five (2015)


For the second edition of Kilometre of Sculpture, the Swiss born, Malmö based artist Luca Frei has made a new group of sculptures installed in a newly renovated space in Jüri Street in Võru. The installation consists of five standing objects resembling large, folded tables with two pairs of legs each – making them unusable as the furniture they echo. This feature of the work can be found in several of the works by Frei. For example, his Untitled (Cairo) (2010), where a single chair is attached to a small table. Or Strength (2013), consisting of two circles of eight chairs, one ring with the chairs facing outwards and one with them facing inwards – suggesting both openness and privacy. Frei’s installation for The Visitors is the only work in the exhibition on view in a more traditional white gallery space. This highlights the artist’s interest in the relationship between the work, the room it is installed in and the public – creating a staged setting and choreography in the space. And in so doing, also relating to the tradition of minimalist art from the 1960s and 1970s.

Andreas Nilsson