Taxi Driver (2014)


In her diverse artistic practice, Vilnius-based artist Laura Kaminskaite often examines different aspects of exhibitions. By subtle means she investigates subjects such as the viewers’ involvement as the co-creators of an artwork, the meaning of a text, the structure of the exhibition space. She has among others compared a sugar cube to a white cube gallery space and given it the capacity to memorise information – Sugar Entertainment (2011–on-going). Approaching Kaminskaite’s work, not infrequently requires the viewer to keep an open mind to various ideas, thought experiments and narrative structures. In The Visitors, Laura Kaminskaite will present her work Taxi Driver (2014) in the café “Võru kohvik” and the pub Õlle17. Navigated by the independent curator and writer Matthew Post, we – the viewer – are introduced to both old and new works by Kaminskaite. Post leads us through Kaminskaite’s oeuvre – commenting on the works, and pointing to entanglements and interpretations.

Andreas Nilsson