Like (2013)


One of the main functions associated with social networks is the possibility to mark your appreciation with just one click. This way a single post can gather up to tens and hundreds of thousands of likes, pluses and loves without these markers ever carrying over into the physical world. You could even argue that the importance or value of these approvals in the real world is highly questionable. Kristine Niedraja’s Like brings the virtual into the physical by giving an online entity physical form in the real world. The ceramic figures hidden around Võru shift the patterns of action usually associated with the symbol. The artist hijacks a common symbol and thereby gives herself the sole power to use it, without extending its meaning in the process. We still do not know why a given object or building was deemed noteworthy by the artist. At the same time Niedraja’s Like does not change over time – the visitors cannot add theirs to hers and thereby surround the marked objects with the kind of viral bubble we all recognize from the world wide web.

Siim Preiman