Just as seamless as Riga-based Kaspars Groševs moves between different roles as artist, writer, curator and gallerist, his artistic practice comprises multiple media – ranging from drawing and text to installation, performance, sound… Groševs’ works blend into each other, creating a larger narrative, hard to express or clearly articulate (which is perhaps in itself also redundant). Everything is in a constant flux, thoughts expand, spaces close and open. “Nothing has stopped, everything continues. There’s no reason to look back,” writes the artist (in capital letters) in one of his publications, and – with the reader – revisits one of his exhibitions years later through documentation and text. The watercolour posters created for The Visitors are fragile in their structure and form, creating something reminiscent of both naïve and indecipherable writings and symbols. Simultaneously ancient and futuristic. One leads to another, creating a path with no beginning, nor end. “Just follow”, I hear.

Andreas Nilsson