Akt (2011)


Erlingsson’s Akt has taken many forms over the years. In 2010, using the ancient Scandinavian cattle call kulning as a basis, she translated a text drawing from 2007 into sound for a video piece. In 2011 she exhibited a stripped down version of the work in Gothenburg, where she placed speakers on the opposite shores of the river and had the sounds calling to each other.

The work on display in Võru is a re-enactment of the 2011 installation, in which the absence of a visual allows the work to be transformed and placed back into a natural outdoor setting. In addition to the echoes present in the recordings, the temporal quality of the artwork is also affected by the lake, the direction of the wind and other sounds from the surrounding environment. Most likely the sound of kulning is just as variable in the mountains of Scandinavia.

Võru’s unique position in the history of Estonia as both an important centre of culture during the national awakening and the capital of a region dedicated to industry and agriculture provides a telling context for Erlingsson’s work. As a ritual with practical value it touches upon hints and references that are discrete both temporally and spatially.


Siim Preiman