AUTO (2015)


When Aleksander Hükk, a successful ghostwriter, agreed to finish the memoirs of the Estonian writer Friedrich Robert Faehlmann, he was convinced that it would be like a walk in the park. While on the job, Hükk discovered the unfinished manuscript of Kalevipoeg, the national epic of Estonia. After reading it, he tried to get in contact with Faehlmann but the latter’s worsened health and subsequent death left Hükk alone with the task of publishing the epic. Not wanting to embarrass Faehlmann in the eyes of the Learned Estonian Society for using a ghostwriter, Hükk threw the manuscript into the car of the village doctor Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald. Kreutzwald recorded the poet Lydia Koidula reading the text and left for Tartu shortly afterwards. The same year all traces of the original manuscript disappear. The locals say that every summer since then a ghost car appears in Võru with the voice of a woman.