Untitled (2015)


In the Central Park in the middle of Võru, two large objects reminiscent of mattresses will be placed on the ground. Made out of tough grey fabric they invite the passersby to sit down for a while, to socialize or just rest. In her practice, the Norwegian artist Ingrid Furre often draws inspiration from everyday objects and domestic surroundings, resulting in furniture-esque objects and structures made of simple and fragile materials such as wood, fabric, foam or soap. In contrast to many of the permanent seating structures in the Central Park, Furre’s work, Untitled (2015), encourages social processes among the public. Simultaneously in a low key and a direct manner in this town setting, the artist has transformed the main square, highlighting its features. Our view shifts from the private to the public, from the known to the unknown. All of a sudden, a familiar component adds another perhaps slightly absurd element to the world as we know it.

Andreas Nilsson