Untitled (2015)


Henning Lundkvist’s practice as an artist encompasses a number of different media, including sound, text, performance and installation. This variety illustrates Lundkvist’s broader goal of emphasizing the presentation of art, approaches to exhibiting and exploring the differences between message and meaning. In Võru he presents a new piece, Untitled, in which he combines graffiti scribbles found on the streets of Lisbon to form new symbols. Placing the shapes onto shop windows might initiate thought processes about the nature and ownership of the public space and cause us to see the artist’s gesture as politically or socially charged. But since these are merely empty markers and even a thorough visual reading will not unearth any information about their original context or location, then the possibility for an ambiguous game runs dry. Only the setting and arrangement are important and the potential for content-based readings is just an intellectually exciting bonus of the game.

Siim Preiman