Hours (2014 - ...)


Through created structured situations, the artist duo GIDEONSSON/ LONDRÉ investigate different aspects of acting and working from both an individual and a collective point of view. Their practice involves performances, installations and interventions that consist of different forms of highly structured everyday activities, which often complicates the line between work and leisure. This, for example, is clearly apparent when their projects from time to time take form as highly personal experiments, with no external public experiencing the outcome. In the town of Võru, GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ have placed five modest clockworks in different public venues – the museum, the café at the bus station, a petrol station, a local bank office and the reception hall of the city government. To function, the clockworks need to be wound up each day. After the opening of the exhibition, GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ will hand this task over to the people working in the different venues, who will wind the clocks up daily for the rest of the exhibition period. This added repetitive moment raises an awareness of both invisible labour and the different attitudes in connection to an activity that needs to be performed.

Andreas Nilsson