The Drama is in Your Head: Don't Look Down (2015)


While Edith Karlson’s earlier works employed various materials to depict animals and explore the idea of being an animal, then her more recent work has taken a turn towards the subjective and self-examination. A reworking of her latest solo project is exhibited in and around the historic bank building of Võru. The play of ephemeral and unconventional materials that has underlined a large part of Karlson’s work, has slowly given way to more traditional sculpture techniques, which is in accordance with a change in subject matter towards more serious themes. The exhibition series Drama Is In Your Head (with seeming seriousness) presents the viewer with dark images that can remind us of death. The works could be understood as the artist’s method for coping with the dramas and conflicts that accompany everyday life. The important thing is to focus on the hint present in the title – the situation is only as dramatic and horrible as we, the viewers allow it to be.

Siim Preiman