A Tale of a Carpet (2015)


Using an anecdotal tale heard by the artist as an example, the work Tale of a Carpet highlights the different ways people use certain spaces. The artwork retains its conceptual content from previous incarnations but reforms itself physically with the surrounding city in mind. Everyone develops certain associations with rooms that they use on a daily basis. These also exist on a subconscious level, telling us what activities are possible or relevant in a given space. It might be unthinkable to eat or work in the bedroom, sleep in the bathroom, relax in the office where you usually work and so on.

These limitations can go further from simple personal associations and shape the way we perceive our daily life. While the protagonist of the anecdote is puzzled to see students sleeping on the floor of the main council boardroom which is usually inaccessible to common citizens, Falkeling likewise playfully manipulates the expectations of the people of Võru by replacing the bronze plaque on the facade of the most important representative building in town with her own metal plates. These kinds of subtle interventions direct our gaze, forcing us to take note of different patterns of behaviour.

Siim Preiman